Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Night Time Drama

I am ready to confess a big dark secret….Josh sleeps in our bed. Okay it is out, I am feeling better already. I really could use any advise from the moms out there who are in the same situation. I confess that I thought that parents were crazy for letting their kids sleep in their beds, but now I understand, so I am sorry for thinking this, but maybe I am a little crazy myself. Well I am done with this little sleeping arrangement and I am in need of a good night’s rest in a major way. So, I know I need to tackle this issue now rather than later. Here was my night last night.

9:30 pm
Josh goes to sleep in our bed (okay bad start), I move him to his bed at 10:00pm and am hoping for a couple hours rest before he realizes he is by himself and starts to scream bloody murder.

The jig is up and he comes screaming down the hall to come back to our bed. I meet him halfway and go back to his room. It takes 30 minutes to convince him to lay down in his bed with a sippie cup and a blanket and a promise that I will stay next to him (I am sitting next to his bed, not in it). He fiddles around for a little bit and finally falls asleep at 1:00pm.

1:45 am
Awake again, and out of his bed running down the hall. I again meet him halfway and go back to his bed. Again, I tell him I am right next to him and he falls asleep. I fall asleep too, on the floor. I wake up at 3:15 and go back to my bed.

4:00 am
Josh awake and screaming again, this time he is out of his bed and standing by his door screaming (no running down the hall). I pick him up and notice a wet pair of pajamas. Now I have to change his clothes and diaper. He is more awake and asks for more “dinks”. For a short moment of weakness I think of bringing him back to bed, but I let the temptation pass and put him back to his bed (away from the wet spot) I was not going to change sheets in the middle of this night!!

6:00 am
Josh is awake, not screaming and walks into my room. He wants “up” and I relent. I only have one hour more of sleep until I get up and I did not want to spend it sleeping on the floor in Josh’s room – I did not want to miss the alarm J

Hopefully, I won’t have to spend to many more nights of this – but I will keep you posted.


MIKE said...

What a stinker!

Lisa said...

let the boy sleep in your bed! (did you ever see SNL herlily boy?) ha ha hey--no solutions here--i still got a couple that try to sleep with me--they'll be good for a week and then come in. notice i am up at 4 a.m. could he sleep with brett? good luck!