Friday, August 11, 2006

1st Grade

Back to school means a lot of things to Mom’s. It means peace and quiet for a few hours, back to a routine, a little “Grown Up” time with friends and projects to tackle. For the kids it means loss of care free days, new friends to make, new concepts to master, and busy schedules to keep. The kids are already looking forward to the next day off of school while Mom’s are grateful for a full day of school.

Brett is starting 1st grade which means all day school. (Yee Haw!) He has taken to it like a pro, but he does admit that Kindergarten is “way funner ‘cause you get more drinks.” He is sad he cannot watch some of his favorite cartoon’s like Lazy Town (Thank Goodness!) and he is sure that I am having too much fun without him around (only just a little bit). So far, every day when he gets home from school he asks what I did while he was gone. As I tick off my schedule and errands, he likes to keep track of my time to make sure I haven’t left anything out. I think he is keeping tabs on me just in case I sneak in some party time like a secret trip to McDonald’s. Don’t worry Brett, I will leave that fun for you and your Dad this weekend.

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Lisa said...

you don't like lazy town? that guy creeps me out!! HA HA Maybe Brett is just spying for dad and trying to find out how many trips you're taking to the mall!! HA