Monday, July 10, 2006

Your The Man

Okay, a couple thing about Mike. We have been to Disneyland and now Utah so basically we have been on vacation for a couple of weeks. Mike has worn this White ASU hat everyday of vacation. Lucky for him, he hasn't had to comb his hair for a couple of weeks. Wouldn't that be nice?? Of course he has to wear it backwards too, I am sure there is a reason for it, I just haven't asked. It has come in handy, whenever I have tried to find him in a crowd, he is easy to spot. He also wears ASU shirts everyday. Lucky for him he has about 8 or 9 ASU shirts to choose from. No question where his loyalties lie.
He did earn his Man of the Year award for changing a flat tire in the middle of nowhere in Utah. We didn't have cell phone coverage so it was all up to him. Mike isn't very mechanically inclined so we all said an extra prayer and since we were in Utah I think that helped too. It took about a half hour on an incline (he told me that made a difference in the level of difficulty). My job was to keep the kids from running into oncomming traffic and also warn Mike if a car came to close to the van. He finally finished the job when it started to rain. He completed this daunting task unscathed and only one swear word was heard. Yeah for Daddy! Posted by Picasa


Lisa said...

you sure there was only one swear word? Ok--I'll bite!! Those men in your life look pretty cute!!!

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